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Golf Club

Bucharest Golf & Country Club is a private club, having Swiss Golf & Leisure Development as main partner, a shares company responsible for coordinating construction and managing the club facilities.

The club is led by the Board of Directors and functions in accordance with its internal regulations and the laws in force.

The Board of Directors is formed by:

- Mr. Florin Segărceanu – President

- Mr. Radu Dan Chiriac – Founding Member

- Mr. Radu Matei Smigelschi – Founding Member

Golf & Country Club Bucharest is designed as an unique meeting place, in a welcoming and elegant environment. This place is meant to gather people from different professional fields, sharing the same social values.

The club reserves the right to rigorously select its members. In order to become a member, it is necessary to express your intention and meet the requirements set by the club.

Club Status